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2 years ago

TBLOP - The Big List of Porn

I tblop started work about 1 tblop year ( part time), against my husband wants to again and again all men would be my fantasy and what if you took pleasure, what would I do that would leave him, but makes a months of the girls left, so we went for a drink during their lunch break, we have a hotel next job was not that it had been preceded, we have tblop a drink and sat in the corner and the waitress came chattting began with lunch and when I looked up to Steve to take saw my ex at the bar looked at me and motioned for him was, my stomach is doing somersaults, because I had only seen one couple of times after that we share and both times we ended up in bed when I approached him I thinkng about sex is used to hes the best lover I've had the cock was 9 "thick and have actually started, I said I was a happily married woman and how much I loved my husband leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, started chatting, I said I was stillyour beautiful baby and what he calls our relationship and how you would like a second chance, fucked up, I said I was happily married, I said I bet you do not fucking like it used to, I smiled and said : I knew, if nothing else I can, the great bed, this tblop made ​​my pussy wet, so I'm back again told my friends, have lunch and the girls were ready to go back to tblop work, as he was walking last steve grabbed my arm and tblop when only saked could buy a drink for old times, my mouth says yes, to help my arm as we went to the table that sent chills through my body, talked about our lives and began to flirt with me, finally steered the conversation toward sex, I could not help flirting again, but have ended up getting a room at the pub, have a bottle of champagne is opened and Steve both provide the best sex ever, grabbed my hair and told me to strip, I removed the thong, forced tblop my legs and my fingers alreadd i wet pussy cum within seconds, he said, cum knew it would be fast as fuck im the best I had, I told him no, you're my man, he beat me to my face and threw me on the bed, took his fingers into her pussy again and he fucked me really hard fingers, my cum dripping down her ass hole Steve, his other hand on the cheeks of my ass until I found my tight hole, he pushed his finger in my ass I called all the names that sum. Suddenly he stopped and pulled my mouth to his cock, he pushed it in so deep that it seemed teliing gagged like the whore I am, who turned away from me and the bottle of champagne, which filled the glasses and pour the rest of my pussy, he pulled the bottle close to my pussy and I told him not fuck with me the bottle, which just hit my ass and put the bottle in her pussy, she pushed deeper into my pussy. I started to cum, he pulled the bottle so my sperm fell on my ass, he took the bottle in my tight assand began to fuck my tight wet tblop hole, he called me, he turned to me and pushed his cock in my pussy filled with cum soaking, I took it hard, cum, pulled out his penis and his sperm was in my belly, went for my thong and my milk dried out with him and said : How I hid my Teal mmy man, we tblop sat side by side wrapped in his arms until his cock was hard again, he fucked me four times, until my pussy and ass, where really sore, I hoped my husband would not want a shit that night when I was so sore, I'm Steve left the room and went home, I got in just before my husband with flowers and champagne, which gave me flowers and said she loved me, who opened the champagne, I began to kiss his hand and has been tried, pulled her skirt I said I wanted a shower tblop tblop with a lift and was with me in 5 minutes, I hid my panties in the bottom of the washing basket and got into the shower I had jusSteve t cum washing my body when my husband's hands explore my pussy felt pain.

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